Reflection of the final outcome

I made a magazine for my final outcome.I used the photograph of collections I took from Victoria & Albert museum, Science museumand Natural History museum made the collage to be the content of the magazine. And I also made the collage with the photograph of the buildings of these museums to make the cover. I did these collage on Photoshop and made the layout of the magazine.I print them on the A3 size paper and fodded into A4 size. And I used staples to fasten the pages. It’s successful and shows the feature I want. However, there still some problems I found after I made it. Because I chose black to be the background colour but after I print out the pictures onto paper, I found that the black colour on the side of magazine is really easy to come off. I think it might because of  the paper surface is smoothly so the colour will come off when I fod it. Except the colour, I also found because the paper is thick so after I fod the pages the border of the magazine is jaggeda that the pages inside will stand out. So for solve this problem I used the paper cuter to fix the length of the page. It is quite hard and I fixed for many times. Very luckily, it looks much better than before. After this project, I consider this magazine works well. Maybe for solve the colour comes off, I will try to change the background to different colour.

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