Reflection of my creative journey

For my final outcome, I got the idea from the zine I made earlier. Actually,at first, I have really no idea I’m going to do with the postcode I chose. I considered about the museums and I try to develop my ideas with the area of SW7.Because I plan to study graphic branding and identity for next year,so I considered about the brands of these museums.The mean theme of the museums are all about their collections and that is also there brand image. So I visited all these museums for many times and I found even these museums are near to each other, but they all have their own characters to show different culture.

And in my zine project, I did some collage of the collections from different museums. I think that’s a way which can shows the combination of culture. I saw there are many visitors in these museums every day. So I considered about to combine the collections and make into the feature of human to show the humanity. I talked with my teacher about this and she agreed with my idea.Then I planned to make a magazine with the collage of collections. I did some secondary research about college of human body which made by Christian Marclay.I used Photoshop to practiced collage with the photograph I took for the collections. And I also found some guide to support me to make the cover design


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